These are eight rights of students
At Minarets High School:

Minarets will teach with students in mind. Our class time will not be controlled or owned by the teacher, but from what students think, student opinions, student sharing, students working together and students researching.

Teaching at Minarets will show that we care about the individual and that all individual students can be successful

Learning at Minarets will be challenging and represent real, professional work. Students will work towards thinking on a higher level where they ask questions, defend their answers and apply their understanding.

Minarets classes will use technology everyday. This will include web resources, advanced software and hardware, etc.

Teaching at Minarets will always focus on the student-teacher, as well as the student-student relationship including one-on-one, group work, etc.

Minarets students will complete assignments, get grades and learn through the use of projects.

Learning at Minarets will be about connecting the activities and the material to the student and their world.

Minarets students and teachers will be professional. This means we will work together and respect each other.