Digital Citizens:
Learn to be safe and secure while using the triple dub
Don't get caught in the web

What's Phishing? Let's play and find out....people are trying to take your money, in real life - can you protect yourself?

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Computer Ethics Course - with activities
With the freedom of the Internet has come a host of new ethical issues. This site is devoted to providing a basic understanding of computer ethics to the Internet users of tomorrow, with the hope that they will make informed and moral decisions throu ghout their careers.

Scambusters Check out the poetry scam, for example:

Think U Know for ages 11-16

Gaming Safety and Cyber 911
Computer gaming has changed in recent years. It’s gone from a one-to-one gaming experience (you against the computer or video game) to a multiple player experience (when you had more than one joy stick and a connector). But with the advent of interactive Internet gaming with unlimited players from around the world and, in some cases, voice chat capabilities, the gaming experience has been revolutionized.

Digital Citizenship Resources

Lessons for 6-8 Graders from Cybersmart